Dear Steve and Bryan,

The name of your company says it all. We wish to thank you for the beautiful lighting effects we now enjoy nightly; and more importantly, the personal time you have spent making certain that each installation is perfect. In our instance, your professional approach to improve, and to add to rather than replace, an existing design sets you and your company apart. Until we saw for ourselves the vast difference with each phase of your installation, we were unaware of how much of the property we were missing. We look forward to each evening as the lighting effects enhance and enrich our lives. Evelyn and I are thrilled with the outcome.


Rich Christopher

Thank you very much, you are professionals and great people. I hope our friends will call you.

Steve McKendry


Just a brief note to say THANK YOU!!! For the lighting you installed at the monument signs at three major entrances to Carefree. I've heard a number of citizens make favorable comments about the new look? and how it improves the image of Carefree. The Subdued lighting is appropriate for Carefree yet highlights the signs very well. You provided value in excess of the cost to the Town. Thank you again for your good work!


Mayor David Schwan  (Town of Carefree)

Hi Craig! We are very satisfied with the work that Bryan and his team did at our house. Ours was kind of complicated as we had a combination of systems. They cleaned up everything and added a number of stations and moved the lighting into LED, reducing the voltage and actually increasing the brightness in the yard over the old bulb types. Now our house is well lit, which is very comforting to my wife and comes on automatically or can be turned on for extended hours with a remote. Bryan is fantastic, the gardeners took out some wiring and they were right over and fixed it. 

They use a lot of quality in the installation. If you are familiar with normal landscapers they use connections that are plastic and filled with a sealant. Bryan uses brass or copper couplings that he shrink wraps which will probably out last the house. The other lighting guys come apart and short out, so your due diligence is a good thing. Bryan's organization has really thought out the quality from depth of trenches to size of the wire. Most folks use a lesser grade wire cause it is cheaper and it sucks. as we had to replace some of the old stuff because of quality. You do not want to have to disturb plants after they have grown because of crappy wiring.

We love the lighting and I am not sure we will ever be finished. Bryan along with his guys are great and in both quality and customer service, and do what they say they will do.

I have attached a couple of pictures and you are welcome to view the house with Bryan if you would like.

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas.

Rich and Evelyn