How long does the initial consultation take? 

A consultation will typically last between 20 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the property.  We know your time is valuable so we’re there to find out exactly what your landscape lighting needs are in a timely manner.  We will get all the necessary information from you as well as walk the property and take notes. 

How long is the process to design and install a typical lighting system?

In general after we meet with the homeowner and review their needs we will deliver an estimate with in 24 to 48 hours. After client approval, lights are ordered, the installation will generally be performed within 1 or 2 weeks.

Do you use subcontractors for the installation process?

No. We use our own Let There Be Light techs for all our installations.

Do you repair outdoor lighting systems? 

Yes! We diagnose any issues that your system is having and make adjustments or repairs to get it back in working order. Contact us for more details.

What does retrofitting my system mean? 

Retrofitting your outdoor lighting system consists of replacing existing halogen or incandescent lamps with LEDs. This wise investment is done in an effort to save energy and money in the years to come. LED lamps are considerably more energy efficient and will provide a much longer lifespan than halogen or incandescent, which means you won’t be replacing lamps every year. 

Will a landscape lighting system increase my electricity Bill? 

In general you should not see any noticeable increase in your monthly bill. We specialize in low voltage LED outdoor lighting installation which is extremely green and energy efficient.

Do you warranty your product? 

Yes! All our products are warrantied.

Do you offer any Senior or Veterans discounts?

Yes! Please contact us for details.

What kind of maintenance do you do? 

We will maintain any outdoor lighting system whether we installed it or it is pre-existing. An annual inspection and tune-up is done to ensure your system is working properly.

What areas of the Phoenix-metro area do you provide services?

We service the greater Phoenix AZ metro area including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, & more.

Do you do installs and service calls for commercial properties?

Yes! Call us today…

What is the primary difference between LED Lighting and Halogen lighting systems?

The major difference is that LED lighting systems only use a fraction of the energy that traditional Halogen outdoor lighting systems use and also have a significantly longer operating life expectancy requires less maintenance. LED lights also generate far less heat and are less destructive to landscape vegetation.

What are the top reasons today to invest and install a low voltage LED outdoor lighting system at your property? 

  • Superb Energy Efficiency - Environmentally friendly LED bulbs use up to 70% less energy than traditional incandescents and can last up to 25 times longer than a typical halogen bulb and 10 times longer than a typical CFL bulb.

  • Security - Installing an outdoor lighting system is a proven way to help increase security at your home by deterring criminal activity with additional lighting. 

  • Safety - A landscape lighting system will help reduce accidents and the hazards of poorly lit pathways and spaces on your property. 

  • Property Enhancement - A well designed and installed outdoor lighting system can significantly enhance the beauty & ambience of your home as well as expand the outdoor living spaces of your property.   

  • Smart Investment - Installing an outdoor  landscape lighting system today is a proven way to add home improvement value and increase the curb appeal of your property- particularly here in our Arizona desert environment.   


More questions? Please contact us.